NBA Analysis: Sixers and Clippers Discussed Iguodala-Kaman Trade?

| by Off The Record

Most fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are done with Andre Iguodala and his exorbitant contract. They are tired of him taking ridiculous shots on the final possession or launching three-pointers that have no chance or lowering his shoulder and getting called for blatant charges. Nope, not with him set to make $13.5 million next season.

We’ve heard Iggie’s name come up in trades before, but according to Kate Fagan of, his name came up before the trade deadline and it was attached to the Los Angeles Clippers and Chris Kaman. She writes:

Another trade that was discussed last season involved trading Iguodala to the Los Angeles Clippers for big man Chris Kaman.

Kaman has only one year remaining on his contract – $12.2 million for the 2011-12 season. He also would provide talent and experience in the low post, while relieving the franchise of a good chunk of the remaining millions on Iguodala’s contract.

Interesting. And for what it’s worth, Iggie seems to know that he isn’t coming back to the Sixers next year. They have a nice, deep nucleus of young talent and Iguodala comes off as a wrench in the machine night after night.

“I expect to be back in the NBA,” Iguodala said following the team’s loss to the Heat. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play ball. This has been a great ride so far, not just with the Sixers, just playing basketball in general. I’m really looking forward to getting some rest this summer, just letting my body recuperate and get back to 100 percent, and I’m really looking forward to next year being my best year in the league.”

Ummm…what? You’re under contract with the Sixers, why are you talking about playing in the league in general?

“I think it’s something I’ve always dreamed about, playing in the league,” Iguodala said. “Once I got here, I think I’ve always wanted to be in one place, not having to move around a lot, being comfortable in one spot.”

Whatever, he’s gone.

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