NBA Playoffs: Celtics Shaq Doubtful for Game 5 v. Heat; Career Over?

| by Off The Record

The Boston Celtics had been hoping that they’d get center Shaquille O’Neal back before the end of the Miami Heat series, but that’s not looking good. Shaq suffered a setback with his Achilles/calf injury and is doubtful for Game 5.

The Celtics are down 3-1, so even if they can muster a comeback, it’s highly unlikely that Shaq would be able to play again this season.

At 39-years old, we aren’t sure what the big guy can really offer a team anymore. He’s a big dude, but all that weight has taken a toll on his legs over the years. The fact that he was a rookie in 1992 and is still playing at this point is absolutely amazing. Just ask Yao Ming how hard it is to keep your feet healthy when you’re that big. Greg Oden and Sam Bowie would agree.

But as impressive as Shaq’s run has been (he lived up to every single bit of the hype he had coming out of LSU), it might be time to hang them up. He doesn’t need the money and he can now go hunt child predators.

The good news is that he won’t have to feel rushed back for the playoffs because the Celtics are about to get roasted.

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