Drunk and High Sebastian Bach Calls Dr. Drew a Quack

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Sebastian Bach spoke with TMZ cameras while drunk and stoned this weekend, and while he was rambling on and on (you know the guy LOVES face time with the camera), he called Dr. Drew a “quack.”

See the video of Sebastian Bach calling Dr. Drew a “quack” here.

Sebastian Bach, 42, was hanging out with Sen Dog of Cyprus Hill, chugging wine from a bottle on the streets of Hollywood and smoking a spliff in front of everyone. He told the TMZ cameras: “Dr. Drew thank you for your help, man. You know what? I was addicted to love!” Later when Sen Dog asks if he is addicted to booze he says, “No, and I’m not addicted to cigarettes either,” as he holds up a joint to the camera lens. Then he turns his back on the cameras and takes a big ol’ toke.

He continues his rant. “I’m taking a cab, you S.O.B.! So I don’t give a f*@%!” He jumps up and down, sings a “neener neener” song then makes a fart noise. Yeah, he really is 42. Minus 27 . . . and plus some brain damage.