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Roundup: FDA Rejects Gardasil for Women 27-45

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FDA rejects age extension on Gardasil; DC no longer permitted to make own abortion decisions; medical records of family planning patients stolen; adoption law struck down in Arkansas; and ScarJo stands with Planned Parenthood.

  • The Food and Drug Administration has rejected drug-producer Merck’s request to extend the Gardasil’s age limit to women 27-45. The FDA says the cervical cancer vaccine has not been shown to be effective in preventing HPV-related cancers in women of that age group.
  • While Planned Parenthood funding was spared in the 11th hour budget negotiation on Friday night, DC-taxpayer funding for abortion was not. Lawmakers who hail from locations that are not Washington, DC, can now bolster their anti-choice street cred back home because they decided that the good people of the District of Columbia cannot decide what to do with their own tax dollars.
  • The Family Planning Council in Philadelphia reports that personal and medical information of 70,000 patients was stolen last December, likely by a former employee. Although the employee has been arrested, the flash drive containing the information remains missing.
  • A law banning adoption by unmarried, co-habitating couples in Arkansas was struck down last week. The state Supreme Court said in its ruling, “Act 1 directly and substantially burdens the privacy rights of 'opposite-sex and same-sex individuals' who engage in private, consensual sexual conduct in the bedroom by foreclosing their eligibility to foster or adopt children, should they choose to cohabit with their sexual partner.”
  • Scarlett Johansson filmed a PSA for Planned Parenthood in advance of last Friday’s budget showdown, urging people to stand with Planned Parenthood.

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