Retired Football Players Sue NFL Players Association

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LOS ANGELES (CN) - In a federal class action, five retired NFL players say the NFL Players Association breached its fiduciary duty by failing to pursue licensing agreements for retirees and failing to pay them a percentage of revenue.

Lead plaintiff Bob Grant says the class action is filed on behalf of retired NFL players who were not members of the class in a similar 2007 complaint, Adderley et al. v. NFLPA.

"In the Adderley action, plaintiffs alleged, and the jury found, that the NFLPA breached a fiduciary duty to the Adderley class by failing to pursue licensing opportunities on behalf of the retired players, concentrating its efforts instead on current players," the complaint states.

Named plaintiffs Grant, Clinton Jones, Walter Roberts III, Marvin Cobb and Bernard Parrish seek an accounting and damages for breach of fiduciary duty.

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They are represented by Maxwell Blecher with Blecher & Collins.

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