Ex-gay therapist Jerry Mungadze recently appeared on televangelist Benny Hinn's TV program "This Is Your Day" and claimed that he could tell if someone was demon-possessed by the color of the crayon that they chose.

“There’s a certain color someone uses that I won’t mention that tells me someone’s been demonized. Everything that I talk about is based on numbers, is based on studies, which is what you do is when you’re a scientist,” said Mungadze, who holds degrees in Biblical Studies and counselor education, but not science, reports RightWingWatch.org (video below).

Mungadze later revealed that his science relies on the colored pencil or crayon a person chooses to color in a picture of a brain. If someone chooses a darker color, then they are supposedly victims of "demonization."

“I can be in a room with people who are into the occult who are steeped in demonology, I may not know it just by sitting next to them but I let them do that and I can tell what spirit they have. People that come from the occult, people coming from witchcraft usually [choose] blacks and browns and grays," added Mungadze.

Source: RightWingWatch.org