Video: Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Experiences Heaven in Near-Death Experience

| by Michael Allen

Dr. Eben Alexander, who worked for 15 years as an academic neurosurgeon at Harvard, claims that he had a 7-day near-death experience which convinced him that heaven does exist.

Dr. Alexander had bacterial meningitis in 2008 and no brain activity while he lay in a coma for seven days in a Lynchburg, Virginia hospital, reports the Daily Mail.

Appearing on the Sci-Fi channel to promote his new book 'Proof of Heaven,' Dr. Alexander said he entered a place filled with clouds and the sound of chanting and was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman who led him around.  He described the beings there as higher life forms.

Dr Alexander wrote in a recent article of Newsweek: "As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of near-death experiences."

Dr. Alexander wrote that he relied on "good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death."

Though he considered himself a Christian, Dr Alexander disregarded his patient's stories of near-death experiences as wishful thinking.

However, after experiencing it himself, Dr. Alexander said he "experienced something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death."

"While the neurons of my cortex were stunned to complete inactivity by the bacteria that had attacked them, my brain-free consciousness journeyed to another, larger dimension of the universe: a dimension I’d never dreamed existed and which the old, pre-coma me would have been more than happy to explain was a simple impossibility."

"At the very heart of my journey [is this], that we are loved and accepted unconditionally by a God even more grand and unfathomably glorious than the one I’d learned."

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