Video: Bishop Harry Jackson Says Gays 'Want to Recruit Your Kids'

| by Michael Allen

In Arlington, Texas, at Cowboys Stadium, Bishop Harry Jackson told Glenn Beck’s Under God Indivisible Conference that Christans must “steal back the rainbow. We can’t let the gays have it” (video below).

He also claimed that the "folks who cannot reproduce want to recruit your kids," reports

Oddly, he concluded his tirade using President Obama's catch-phrase for 2008: "Yes, we can."

Bishop Jackson said: "That’s how you have 'Heather has two mommies' being taught to 2nd graders and eight-year-old kids in Massachusetts and California, folks who cannot reproduce want to recruit your kids. What we’re facing is a radical force of people that want to change the way America looks for the next twenty years and we’re going to have to stop this thing now... We can’t let the gays have it. We’re the rainbow coalition."

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