Catholic Charity, Casa Maria Free Kitchen, Turns Down Walmart Gift, Calling it "Blood Money"

| by Michael Allen

The Casa Maria Free Kitchen, a Catholic charity in Tucson, Arizona, refused a $2,000 gift on Thursday from Walmart, calling the offer “blood money.”

Brian Flagg, of the Casa Maria Free Kitchen, told The Arizona Daily Star: "We feel that even though Walmart has low prices, they pay lousy wages, they’re anti-union and they have a detrimental effect on the survival of small businesses. We consider that blood money.”

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“The consensus [the charity’s board] was not to accept the money. Hopefully we’re modeling good Catholic, Christian behavior.”

Critics often cite Walmart for their low wages, lack of benefits, anti-union tactics and even signing up low income workers for food stamps to buy food at Walmart, which has been targeted on Black Friday by organized strikes in nine states.

A Walmart spokesperson told The Arizona Daily Star: “Our pay and benefits typically meet or exceed what’s offered by the majority of our competitors; we promote from within, our turnover rate is below the industry average and our associates’ satisfaction scores have trended higher over the past few years."