Pro-Choice Mob Shouts Down Pro-Life Presentation at University

| by The American Papist

Students at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, were bombarded with insults and crudely rhymed slogans when a screaming mob laid siege to the auditorium where a Pro-Life presentation was about to take place... the situation showed just how ugly it can get (jump to 1:00 for the counter-demonstration):

The small group of Abortion supporters blocked the projector, swore at the presenter, and drowned out attempts at communication for over an hour, until a St. Mary's Conflict Resolution Official inexplicably chose to order the students (still sitting quietly in their seats) to leave rather than have the unruly mob arrested by police.

A smaller number of students and media were able to make their way to a second location where the presentation and question period concluded peacefully.

Pray for the brave individuals who choose to proclaim the dignity of human life in the face of mockery.