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Portland’s Cannabis Cafe closes, plans to reopen as early as next month

| by NORML

Oregon NORML Board Member Larry Kirk paints over the Oregon NORML logo at the old "Rumpspankers" location

Just six months after opening with great fanfare as a gathering place for users of medical marijuana, Portland’s Cannabis Cafe has closed.

But the marijuana-legalization group that ran the cafe said the closure is temporary and that it will reopen elsewhere as early as next month.

The May 5 closure was prompted by a dispute between Oregon NORML and Eric Solomon, who leases the majority of the red two-story building at 700 N.E. Dekum St. and provided space for the Cannabis Cafe.

To enter the cafe, customers had to be a member of Oregon NORML and have a medical marijuana card as a patient, caregiver or grower. As of April, nearly 33,000 patients and 17,000 caregivers were enrolled in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Customers could buy coffee and snacks and sample marijuana provided by NORML. No cannabis was sold.

Martinez, meanwhile, said plans for seminars and classes — even a Cannabis Community College — “are still at work.” She said she’s finalizing negotiations for a 10,000-square-foot space in the North Mississippi Avenue area and could reopen the cafe June 22.

via Portland’s Cannabis Cafe closes, plans to reopen as early as next month | OregonLive.com.

Madeline Martinez will join us today at NORML SHOW LIVE at 1:30pm Pacific to discuss the situation and the future of the Cannabis Café.

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