Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Side with Senate Democrats, Reject Paul Ryan’s Budget

| by Alex Groberman

Senate Democrats and five Republicans rejected Paul Ryan’s budget on Thursday night.

Sen. Patty Murray introduced the mildly controversial plan after pointing out that, while her Republican counterparts had nothing but effusive praise for the budget, they didn’t seem to want to introduce a version of it as an amendment to the Senate budget resolution. Presumably in an effort to help them out, she did it herself.

According to Politico, five Republicans sided with the Democrats against Ryan’s plan: Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Ted Cruz (Texas), Dean Heller (Nev.), Mike Lee (Utah) and Rand Paul (Ky.). It ultimately failed on a 40-59 vote.

As noted by the totally unbiased observers at MSNBC, Democrats were facing a win-win situation here.

For Democrats, either outcome was a victory. If Senate Republicans voted for the House GOP budget en masse, Dems would use it against them in the 2014 midterms and cite this as an example of widespread radicalism within the party. If Senate Republicans balked, Dems would be able to boast that Paul Ryan's vision is so far from the mainstream, it generated bipartisan opposition in both chambers of Congress.

Unsurprisingly, the House was able to pass the Ryan plan on Thursday morning.

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