Pat Boone was on Obama’s Enemies List, Apparently

Pat Boone ventured into Monica Crowley territory earlier this week on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show. He brought along a copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals book and kept trying – but failing – to talk about what a Marxist and socialist President Obama is. To his credit, Cavuto wanted none of it. But that didn’t mean he didn’t suck up or fail to challenge Boone’s dubious accusation that he was President Obama’s “enemies list.”

Cavuto said to Boone at the beginning of their discussion, “To your credit, a lot of this stuff you were warning about and the mixed messages not only he (President Obama) was sending but Democrats in general were sending on how serious they were about any and all of these issues, and now we’re in some deep issues here. What happens?” 

Boone started the slobbering, “I like Fox Business News by the way, I think everybody ought to have it.”

“There you go,” Cavuto replied.

Boone continued, “If you want a spokesman, I’m your guy.”

“And a great singing voice besides, we’re going to set it to tune,” Cavuto quipped.

“I’ll sing it for you, yeah,” Boone agreed. Then he was off on the radical and socialist track – with a quick jab at the media. “I find …most of the media is completely oblivious and for that matter, a lot of people in Congress, they don’t know why Mr. Obama is doing these things and saying these things and contradicting himself and, even as Bob Woodward pointed out, lying about them, about the sequester that was his idea. He’s following his playbook, which is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. This is the guy that trained him to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a Socialist, a progressive who wrote the rules for doing what Mr. Obama is now doing.”

It’s a rarity that a Fox News hosts challenges anything anti-Obama on their airwaves but Cavuto did. “Here you and I can have a slightly different point of view. I will assign many motives to him. Not being the sharpest economic tool in the shed is probably the worst I can say.”

But Boone persisted. He later said ‘”Have you read this book, Saul Alinsky’s Rules?” He held up the book.

Cavuto interrupted. “Yes I have. I have indeed. I just don’t want to go down this alley because I know you feel strongly. …You don’t even need to assign those motives to him to assign some very big question marks to his economic stewardship.”

Boone did not want to give it up. “But there has to be some kind of reasoning for why he does what he does.”

“He’s not too bright economically. I think he’s a smart guy, this is a weak area,” Cavuto said.

Boone kept on keeping on. He agreed Obama is “a brilliant guy” but one with a vision of “a virtually socialist nation in which people don’t get very rich. Everybody has everything, the government is in charge of everything cause the government can do everything better.”

Cavuto joked, “He’s just going after you.”

Boone, in all seriousness, answered, “Well I am a target. I was on his enemies list in the first year of his Presidency.”

A target? What kind of target? Why would President Obama care that much about Pat Boone anyway? But Cavuto didn’t ask. Instead, he finished by kissing up.  “Don’t worry because after this segment you’re right back on it. Pat, it’s always a pleasure my friend. Hang in there. Thank you. You look great, stay great.”

Video below via Mediaite.