Fox News Caught Parroting Talking Points, Graphics from GOP Press Release (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Fox News has often been busted for using articles from Republican press releases, but recently the network was caught parroting GOP graphics as well, without telling viewers (video below).

According to MediaMatters.org, Fox News used talking points and similar graphics from a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) press release without disclosing their source.

On 'Fox & Friends Saturday,' co-host Tucker Carlson went through a list of wasteful federal spending projects and crucial programs that would be cut by the sequestration, but did not mention that every item came from a February 28 NRCC press release.

Fox News used on-screen graphics that mimicked images included in the NRCC press release in order to criticize what they called President Obama's "sequestration priorities" (below).

Source MediaMatters.org

                        Fox News                                                               NRCC Press Release