Joe Biden Calls a Second Wrong Number Looking For Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (Audio)

| by Emily Smith

Vice President Joe Biden apparently tried to reach Boston mayor Marty Walsh again, after a man with the same name reported that Biden called him accidentally congratulating his win.

“You son a gun, Marty,” Biden told the wrong Walsh. “You did it!”

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Since the report of the Biden’s first accidental call, another woman has come forth with the same unusual call. She reported that on Tuesday night she received a call from a Washington D.C. number, though she let it go to voicemail.

Shortly after, she decided to listen to the voicemail.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

“Nice to see you win and nice to see Labor win,” Biden said. “Anything I can do to help you from the White House in terms of your needs in Boston, holler man.”

The woman’s voicemail is merely a recording that repeats the phone number and goes straight to the message, meaning there was no real indication that Biden had called the right number. Yet, he left a voicemail anyway.

Biden’s office hasn’t denied his incorrectly dialed phone calls. In fact, a tweet posted Tuesday suggested the levity with which they are treating the situation.

“Any other Marty Walshes out there?” the tweet read, “We’d love to hear from you.”

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