Disturbing Images Of Islamic State's Brutality Emerge Online (Photos)

| by Khier Casino

As many as 500 people from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority allegedly have been brutally killed by Islamic State militants over the past few days.

Members of the minority Yazidi sect have taken refuge and been stranded on Mount Sinjar in the country’s northwest, where they face slaughter at the hands of Islamic State militants if they come down or die of thirst if they don’t, The Guardian reports.

At least 40 Yazidi children are reported to be among the dead after fleeing their homes, according to the Daily Mail.

Disturbing images of the victims have surfaced, some released by the terrorist group’s propaganda machine.

Islamic State fighters were captured on video massacring prisoners by shooting them in the head, beheading or crucifixion. Photos online show what appear to be armed fighters laughing over dead bodies of civilians.

One set of photographs reveals tribesmen lining up, and then kneeling down on the ground before being shot one by one in the head by the militants.

“The punishment of those who fight Allah and his Messenger and spread mischief on earth is to kill or crucify or cut off their hands and feet,” the militant group, which was closely linked to Al-Qaeda, said.

Children have also been reported being beheaded, crucifixions and amputations.

ISIS has killed "500 Yazidis and abducted 500 women as slave concubines in Sinjar," Iraqi MP Fayyan Dahel told reporters at a press conference Tuesday in the parliament.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the "caliph" and group's leader, joined the insurgency that erupted in Iraq following the 2003 invasion led by the United States.

According to Business Insider, this is not the first time Sunni extremists have gone after Iraq’s Yazidi sect. On Aug. 15, 2007, four suicide bombers simultaneously detonated themselves in two villages populated by the minority group, killing at least 500 people.

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Video Source: YouTube/Bbcone activatednow