Rush Limbaugh: Fox News Censored My Thoughts on Immigration

Well, this is pretty interesting. Rush Limbaugh visited Fox & Friends this morning where he couldn't have sounded happier with his appearance. But later, he took to his own airwaves to bitch that Fox News wouldn't let him discuss what he wanted to discuss, immigration and the GOP. (H/T Media Matters)

According to Limbaugh, he told Fox beforehand that he wanted to talk about "immigration and the state of the Republican party" but that Fox "wouldn't go there." Limbaugh added, "I had to bring it up myself to whatever extent I did." He called that "very telling" and promised, "I'm not through with this."

And yet Limbaugh acted as though he were delighted with all things Fox and Fox & Friends during his appearance. I'll post that segment as the first video below. Underneath that is the Limbaugh audio via Media Matters.

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