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Fox News: Obama to Blame for Egypt's Troubles

Jon Scott was a picture yesterday of just the kind of media bias he complains about in others as host of Fox News Watch when, during Happening Now, he hosted a Republican operative, disingenuously introduced him as a spokesman for the last four U.N. Ambassadors, and then prodded him into attacking the Obama administration over what's happening in Egypt.

Scott introduced his guest, Richard Grenell, as a “spokesman for the last four U.S. Ambassadors to the U.N.” Sounds nice and bipartisan, doesn't it? But somehow Scott forgot to mention that Grenell's tenure was during the entire eight years of the Bush administration. More recently, he had a gig as a spokesman for the Mitt Romney campaign. Any unsuspecting viewers might have been tipped off by Scott chummily calling Grenell “Rick.”

Scott and Grenell wasted no time suggesting that praise from the U.S. over Morsi's brokering of a ceasefire in Gaza emboldened him.

SCOTT: Do you think that with this backing of the Secretary of State (President Morsi) just assumed that he could now walk on water and even make this incredible power grab in Egypt?

GRENELL I think there's no question that this had something to do with it. When the greatest power in the world is gushing over your win, I think you begin to believe your press releases and think that you're doing a great job. It's an inexperienced move by an inexperienced leader (Morsi)... The fact that this administration, the Obama administration was way too quick and way too effusive in their praise for Morsi, I think set him up for a power grab move like this.

Scott never mentioned Grenell's Republican partisanship.

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