Fox and Friends: Global Warming is Over

Earlier this week (10/16/12), Fox & Friends touted the notion that global warming ended 16 years ago, according to Britain’s Meteorological Office. Brian Kilmeade angrily asked.

“The Obama administration has spent almost $60 billion to combat global warming and how’s that going?” In case you didn’t know the answer, a graphic on the screen had just blared, “WHO’S RUINING THE ECONOMY?”

Steve Doocy said enthusiastically, “Talk about an inconvenient truth Brian. New research shows global warming actually ended 16 years ago. So why are we spending all that money?”

Guest Stuart Varney called the Meteorological Office “prestigious.” He added, “They’re the keeper of the climate statistics for the British, that’s for sure. 

They say, look, in the last 16 years, the temperature of the planet has not gone up at all.’ Contrary to all the predictions; there has been no global warming for the past 16 years. Period, nothing, nada, nothing, rien, nothing, not a single degree up in the global temperature.”

Of course, other studies show otherwise. Check out Think Progress’ detailed debunking of that study and charts that show the earth’s temperature steadily rising.