Fox News: Obama has Too Many Christmas Trees in White House

Perhaps because the "War on Christmas" needs new battles, or perhaps because there is no wrong way to attack the President, Fox Nation has posted an article condemning the First Family for displaying 54 Christmas trees in the White House.  The "outrage" stems from Obama allegedly being extravagant with taxpayer money, "as Americans face a fiscal cliff," on "50% more Christmas trees than last year." 

It seems unlikely, however, that Obama could do anything not to anger his detractors.  Fox Nation's post comes from which did almost the same story last year. Then, there were only 37 trees but used the same picture and some paragraphs were repeated almost verbatim. For example, from the 2011 story:

"We have 37 Christmas trees here at the White House--37!" Michelle Obama excitedly told a recent group of visitors. "That's a lot, right? Yes, that's a lot of trees. And we also have a 400-pound White House gingerbread house."

In 2012:

"We have 54 trees in the White House," an excited Michelle Obama proudly told visitors the other day. "54!  That’s a lot of trees."

Both articles talk about Bo, "who's being made into a kind of first family Christmas canine symbol" (2011 article) and  "who seems to have become the First Family's favorite symbol of Christmas" (2012).

Coincidentally, Bo's presence was the source of last year's Fox Nation outrage - because last year's White House Christmas card displayed Bo near the fireplace instead of showing a Christmas tree. Then the headline blared, "No Christmas in White House Card."    It is also worth noting that in 2008, then-First Lady Laura Bush  told ABC News, " I think there are 49 trees in the whole house, just decorated with snow and tinsel and bright lights."  It is doubtful Fox Nation found fault with that, even though it was a mere two months after the stock market crash in October 2008.