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Video: Sean Hannity and David Limbaugh Complain About Taxes

Friday night (12/7/12), Sean Hannity purported to hold a debate with Juan Williams and David Limbaugh about the “fiscal cliff” coming up. Loud-mouthed “patriots” Limbaugh and Hannity, who have done so well in this country they always complain other people don’t love enough, couldn’t stop moaning over the thought of paying more taxes.

Of course, a lot of this gnashing of teeth comes from the fact that they lost the presidential election and now their party will almost certainly cave on tax hikes for the wealthy, i.e. them. But instead of looking like rational policy advocates, Hannity and Limbaugh look like sore-loser babies.

Below, if you can stand it, is the entire segment which runs for nearly 15 minutes.

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