Video: Lacey Buchanan Shows Off Blind Baby Despite Insults

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A mother, who gave birth to a son with a severe cleft palate that also took his eyes, has made a video -- see it below -- about her beloved boy. In it, she shows pictures and signs that outline their struggle with the rarest of birth defects. Only 50 people in the entire world have the same abnormalities as little Christian.

Lacey Buchanan of Woodbury, Tennessee says she faced awful comments and constant second looks after Christian was born in 2011. Despite not knowing if he would live at first and then faced wih the difficulty of raising him, she says she is immensely proud of her son and wants to show him off for all to see.

According to The Daily Mail, "Christian was born with a Tessier cleft, a severe type of cleft lip and palate that is characterised by severe deformities of soft tissue and bony parts of the face. It occurs when parts of the face do not fully fuse together while the baby is in the uterus. There are different categories of Tessier clefts, with deformities affecting the centre of the face, the nose and eyes, or large abnormalities of the lower jaw. It occurs in about one in 150,000 births." 

Because the deformities develop in the womb, Buchanen had the option of aborting the fetus. A devout Christian, she chose not to, saying he is 'the love of my life.'

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