Video: Rep. Steve King Defends Comparing Immigrants to Dogs

| by Michael Allen

Rep. Steve King, on Sunday, spoke to Iowa TV station WHO-TV when he was asked about comparing immigrants to dogs by saying the U.S. could have the “pick of the litter" (video below), reports RawStory.com.

Rep. King said: “It was a compliment... They knew it was a compliment. They turned it into an insult because they’re professional hyper-ventilators. I can’t control that behavior, but it was a compliment because it identified the vigor with wich legal immigrants come to America. We’ve always gotten the cream of the crop and that’s why America is a ‘can do’ country.”

When asked about when he said President Obama’s birth could have been faked by a “telegram from Kenya,” Rep. King answered: “I don’t know where he was born, but I don’t see any indication that he was born anywhere else, and I’ve said that consistently.”

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