Video: Rep. Joe Walsh Tells Mitt Romney to Brag About His Wealth

| by Michael Allen

During a town hall meeting in Elmhurst, Illinois this past weekend, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) told voters that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney should start bragging about his personal wealth of $250 million.

Rep. Walsh said: "It’s a good thing in this country, Tammy Duckworth, to make money. That is a good thing. I wish Mitt Romney would be proud of that. I wish Romney walked around every day in this campaign and said, “you know what? I’m real successful.'"

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"'Hey you know what America? I’m a rich guy! In fact, you might call me wealthy. That’s me, Mitt Romney. You know what? I worked my butt off to get this way. And you know what? I want you to be rich like me.' Don’t shy away from that! Rejoice in that!"