Romney Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom Recalls How Mitt Romney Joked About Firing a Maid

| by Michael Allen

Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, recently recalled a joke about firing a hotel maid, to Washington Post chief correspondent Dan Balz.

Balz asked Fehrnstrom what was the “most fun moment” he had ever had with Romney?

Fehrnstrom said: “I tell you, he’s a closet prankster. I remember a trip he took as governor [of Massachusetts], one of the troopers who was assigned to his protection detail short-sheeted his bed.”

“The governor, in order to turn the tables on this trooper, sat down an composed a letter as if it had been written by the hotel manager, addressed it to himself as Governor the the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, apologized for the bad housekeeping and the short-sheeting of his bed, and informed him that we have taken action to fire the chambermaid responsible."

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“The governor showed that to the trooper that had short-sheeted the bed and, of course, his face went white. He was aghast that something like that had happened.”