Halloween Display Shows Pres. Obama Hanging in Spider Web

| by Michael Allen

Glenn and Melissa Cruson are raising eyebrows and controversy with their Halloween display in Colleyville, Texas (video below).

The display features a giant spider web strung between two trees, with dolls of President Obama and Vice President Biden caught in the web, reports CBS Dallas-FortWorth.

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Vice President Biden is wearing a clown suit and President Obama has a red nose and large bow tie.

Signs with national debt numbers are posted around the web, while Mitt Romney appears on the back of a giant spider. The Crusons hope Romney wins the election in November.

Melissa Cruson told CBS Dallas-FortWorth: "It has nothing to do with the office, the person that’s in the office of the president; nothing to do with the color, anything like that. It’s just the whole arena is just out of control."

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

The Crusons said they’ve gotten emails and seen blog posts from people who say the display is disrespectful because the president appears to be hanging.

Melissa Cruson added: "I just think it’s important to show it’s our right, to free speech. I don’t want that squashed and I’m afraid it’s being squashed by both sides."