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Celebs React to Second Obama-Romney Presidential Debate

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President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney came together again on Tuesday for another presidential debate.

This time, the two contenders faced off in a town hall format in Hempstead, New York.

And, as expected, Hollywood had a lot to say about what went down.

Check out some celebrity reactions below!

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Stephen Colbert: I predict tonight’s debate has a DRAMATIC impact on predictions for the next debate.

Zooey Deschanel: Tonight’s episode of #newgirl will be a presidential debate. It’s going to be zany and hilarious and much longer than a normal episode.

Carson Daly: This debate has #SNL all over it already. 45 seconds in.

Joy Behar: Candy follows up. Love a rule breaker with great hair

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This young teenage singer was shocked when Keith Urban invited her on stage at his concert. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true:

Jeffrey Ross: Retweet if you wanna see a fist fight. #debate

Sarah Silverman: This crowd is WHIIIITE

Piers Morgan: Most relevant energy fact tonight is that Obama has a lot more of it than at the last debate. #PMTdebate

Elizabeth Banks: Romney really dislikes birds, Big and other. #debate

Patricia Heaton: Both #Romney and the president bringing their A Game!

Anderson Cooper: Very different presidential debate tonight. Much more on point #Obama, #Romney on point as well.

Kate Walsh: The panel of white dudes look like they r sitting for their school picture.


Sherri Shepherd: My stomach is in knots… Romney & Obama are going there

Samantha Ronson: I’m just waiting for a fight to break out. #Debate2012

Piers Morgan: This is brilliant – they’re going to start hitting each other any minute now. #PMTdebate

Kate Walsh: I feel like I’m in mitts kitchen and i got home past my curfew…dads pissed!

Lo Bosworth: Obama and Romney literally facing off…

Bill Maher: Amazing to think Romney is old enough to be Obama’s dad…hey wait a minute

Bethenny Frankel: .@MittRomney is about to throw down. @barackobama gave him that look. Can you imagine if they could really use the words they want?

Aziz Ansari: The only minority in the town hall is President Obama.

Piers Morgan: Obama’s most lethal weapon is his charm. It’s been missing from both debates so far. Too detached last time, too intense now.

Samantha Ronson: Not to point on the obvious- but heck- mitt Romney is reminding me of Kanye at the MTV awards. #Debate2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: If @BarackObama ‘s plans and ideas are so great… Then why are more women in poverty since prez took office? #think #Debate2012

Dane Cook: Moderator Candy Crowley looks like she’s waiting to deal blackjack. #debate

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I just renamed her “Hard As Candy”! Keep them moving and on point @CrowleyCNN! Yay!

Ryan Seacrest: Candy Crowley holding the reins tight tonight…no shenanigans in her house. #debates

Bill Maher: Batman style graphics should be popping up: POW! SLAM!

will.i.am: This debate is wasting everyones time…we are knee deep in sh*t and no plan has been presented by romney

Pamela Anderson:  Romney is awful! I can’t take it… He’s a nightmare!! America is -too smart, caring– I have faith… I voted for Obama today…;)

Andy Cohen: Candy Crowley’s hair is PERFECT!! #PoliticalTweet

Ian Somerhalder: Why should middle-aged men decide women’s healthcare?

Ivanka Trump: Great last answer on how he (#Romney) differs from President Bush. #debate

JWoww: This debate is making my eyes bleed

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Obama is a trillion percent pissed!

Joy Behar: Obama showing how Romney is even worse than Bush. I’m laughing my ass off now

Dane Cook: Dear everyone in the town hall #debate. Stop reading your questions off your cards like its a hostage note.

Aisha Tyler: Romney cannot win the immigration argument. The POTUS has the DREAM act. Romney has a grandad who fled to Mexico to escape a polygamy rap.

Bill Maher: whoa, Candy just had to tell Romney to SIT THE F**K DOWN! I’d say he had too much caffeine, but we know that can’t be it

Sherri Shepherd: What the heck just happened… “I’m talking Mr. President”… wow… #norespect

Valerie Bertinelli: Aaaarrrggggghhh! #debate

Patton Oswalt: Obama was just asked a question by his 30 years-from-now LOOPER self. #debate

Mary Lnn Rajskub: They just keep calling each other liars… Where are those cheez its? I haven’t had enough

Jeffrey Ross: Retweet if you’re starting to wonder what else is on? #debate

Aziz Ansari: “Do you think the texting scene’ in season 2 episode 2 of Homeland was too unrealistic?” #BetterTownHallQuestions

Donald Trump: Obama keeps namedropping Bill Clinton– he is no Bill Clinton.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Why is @BarackObama eagerly taking responsibility for past 4 years in Iraq and Afghanistan-but NONE for past 4 yrs here!?! #hmm

Nicky Hilton: This debate is fiesty!

Sherri Shepherd: Glad that #POTUS isn’t throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus #libya #debate

Samantha Ronson: I feel like I’m in a room with my parents while they fight super quietly. #2012debates

Katie Couric: Not crazy about this format. Unruly and hard to folo.

Jesse Tyler Ferugson: The contest for my new favorite phrase is a toss up between: “You are totally off topic” & “That’s simply not true”.

Billy Bush: I just wish they cud engage each other more. They have tonight more than last time but still let’s go! Engage, hold each other accountable!

Arsenio Hall: I’d love to be in the comedy war room, with the SNL writers right now.

Piers Morgan: TRANSLATION; Neither candidate wants to change America’s crazy gun laws. Pathetic. #PMTdebate

Steve Levitan: So tragic that both candidates are afraid of sane gun control.

Donald Trump: Such long rhetorical and boring answers from Obama. No wonder nothing gets done.

Eva Longoria: If there is one issue where @BarackObama is on the right side and @MittRomney is offering a #SketchyDeal, it’s immigration. End of story.

Jonathan Cheban: Shutout to @HofstraU the college I went to for hosting the presidential debate! #alumni

Ian Somerhalder: very vague this deregulation talk. I would love to believe you, but deregulation has destroyed us, WE HAVE TO FIND A way to do it right

Bill Maher: There it is! The 47%! Saved it as a haymaker for the end. Nice

Ivanka Trump: Both the #President and #Govenor ended strongly.

Whoopi Goldberg: BAM he was not playing with mitt, and I belive THAT was true Bitchslapping!!!BAM

John Legend: That’s the President I voted for. And will vote for again.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: That debate was better than a real housewives reunion.