Political Definitions

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Stelmach: to shoot oneself in the foot; to make repeated blunders.  "The government stelmached by funding the anti-oilsands film."

Wildrose: the heir to power; to ascend to the top; the next in line to lead.  "She is the wildrose of her company."

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It turns out President Trump's budget has $2 trillion error in it:

Barack: the act of promising false hope while implementing unwanted change; deception.  "He baracked the people into believing him while secretly implementing a hidden agenda."

Dubya: something that was once considered wrong which has since been proven correct.  "They once thought the world was flat, but have dubyaed that the world is, in fact, round."

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It turns out President Trump's budget has $2 trillion error in it:

Ignatieff: an outsider who pretends to be part of the community.  "Although the people knew otherwise, he ignatieffed that this was his home."

Layton: an attention addict; one whose self-interest supercede all other matters.  "He constantly laytoned for the camera."

Clinton: insatiable sexual appetite; similar to nymphomania.  "No matter how much he tried, he couldn't help but clinton every woman he met."

Beck:  to be ridiculed for emotionally presenting an opinion.  "He was constantly becked by opponents for passionately speaking his mind."

Harper:  to pull out early; to withdraw before completion.  "He harpered the coffee pot before the brewing had finished, creating a mess."

Bloc: a useless, annoying item; something without purpose. "She underwent a minor procedure to remove the bloc, and now she is healthy." 

Palin: the act of mocking a threat; unwarranted destruction of one's reputation. "Although she was the best person for the job, her competitors engaged in a campaign of lies in an attempt to palin her."