Photos of Kanye West Licking Amber Rose: Art or Creepy?

| by RefinedHype

By Danielle Harling 

Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson recently posted pictures on his personal blog from a photo shoot with rapper Kanye West and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Amber Rose. The somewhat bizarre pictures are of course already making their rounds on the internet.

I’m sure the pictures will be embraced by art lovers all over, but I’m sure most people will just experience a “WTF Moment” while viewing them. Although the pictures were posted today it’s unclear when exactly the pictures were taken. I’m pretty sure Kanye has ditched the hipster mullet and Kanye and Amber probably aren’t even a couple anymore. 

In one picture Kanye is licking Amber’s head (wonder what it tastes like), in another the two are getting their French kiss on, and in the last picture it looks like Kanye is wearing pink lipstick. Even if it’s just the remnants of a kiss with Amber there’s no reason why any rapper should be photographed with any amount of lipstick on their lips. 

What do you think of Richardson’s photo shoot? Is it artistic or just plain weird?