NFL News: Panthers Sign Shockey

| by Off The Record

Jeremy Shockey was bounced from the roster of the New Orleans Saints a few weeks so that the team could avoid paying him $4.7 million this year. And apparently, the Carolina Panthers have an affinity for oft-injured tight ends who run their mouth too much, because they signed him to a one-year deal.

According to Pat Yasinskas of, it’s worth a maximum of $3,812,500, with $1 million guaranteed regardless of what happens. Another $812,500 is guaranteed to him if he he’s on the opening day roster.

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Shockey can still be productive, but we think this is a lot to pay for a guy who is, in all likelihood, past his prime. The biggest question will be how long he can stay healthy. Still, he might be a nice safety valve for whatever inexperienced quarterback they throw in there.