NFL Analysis: When Did Terrell Owens Really Tear His ACL?

| by Off The Record

It was revealed recently that Terrell Owens went under the knife to repair a torn ACL. And there were conflicting reports about how he did it. Some said that he did it while working out, others said it happened during the taping of a TV show. Regardless of how he did it, it apparently didn’t happen this morning.

“It’s crazy, I’ve known about that for months,” former Cincinnati Bengals’ WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh said. “… He had a good year last year. I wouldn’t ever count him out.”

Yeah we don’t know about that. While he is a physical specimen and always has been a model of fitness and health, he’s 37-years old and not currently under contract with an NFL team. He’d not only have to rehab his ass off, he’d have to get to the point where he could prove to a team that he can still play. He was very good last year, but when you add up 37-years old, ACL injury and general pain in the neck, it will be tough to do.

And according to Mike Freeman of, Owens has at least thought about hanging them up after this injury.

I expect Owens to publicly state his career will go on and there will be no retirement but I can tell you Owens has told several people in the NFL that he has indeed considered retirement. Again, that doesn’t mean he will, but he’s told people in the sport he’s considering it.

We’ll see what happens, but the road back to being a legit NFL wide receiver might not be worth it for him. That said, if anyone is going to pull it off it’s T.O.

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