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Om Time Yoga is located in Boulder, Colorado, and is the area’s premier yoga studio…

BREATHE and the body follows!

From the studio website:

About Om Time

öm time center for yoga practice, supplies, trainings, community, and inspiration was founded on the east end of pearl street in the “litte yellow house with ribbons.” Born out of a love for deep transformation, these centers strive to meet students where they ARE and carry them forward into where and WHO they want to be. öm time is a place to begin or expand one’s study of yoga asana and philosophy, shop for a gift, or visit with a friend. These walls are home to some of Colorado’s most beloved teachers and an incredible yoga community of soulful and joyful yoga practitioners.

The first öm time boutique and studio in Boulder opened in 2003. Within a few years, öm time outgrew “the little yellow house with ribbons.”  Continuing the “ribbons” theme, öm time Boulder opened-a larger yoga center in downtown Boulder, Colorado, with the same eclectic ambiance as the little yellow house and a dedication to the yoga community’s well being and enjoyment.

öm time is regarded as a ‘must see’ for visitors to Boulder, and a weekly stop for local yogis. Even for those just browsing, there is always a good cup of tea to be had, a new book to flip through, and a wonderful conversation to share with öm time‘s friendly teachers and staff.

The öm time yoga studio has been voted the Denver and Boulder’s Readers’ Choice, the favorite yoga center since 2003, by the Boulder Weekly and has been featured in the Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, and The Boulder Daily Camera. With many eclectic styles to choose from, and some of Boulder and Denver’s most beloved teachers, you are sure to find the right class and style to meet your needs. Our classes can compliment any practice and good clean fun for those just beginning. View the current schedule here.

öm time is committed to supporting small independent and local companies who share the philosophy of bringing responsibly created and manufactured yoga and lifestyle clothing to the yoga community. Due to their nature, smaller companies have the creative ability to offer frequently changing selections and to honor boutique special orders and requests. The result is an inspired and colorful collection of clothes to comfortably suit every size and shape, whether worn on the mat or to the grocery store!



Inspired by the ancient art, science and philosophy of yoga, öm time supports the restoration, rejuvenation, health, and well being of the whole person-body, mind and spirit. Be well – be yoga – be yourself completely!

From daily classes, to workshops, teacher training and teacher continuing education, we aspire to offer something special and supportive to each person who spends time within these special walls.

Om time‘s yoga studios feature an attentive atmosphere. The student’s connection with his or her own intention on and off the mat is supported and encouraged. öm time offers an eclectic blend of many style of yoga including Anusara Yoga, Anjali Restorative Yoga, Prana Flow Vinyasa, Kripalu, Iyengar, Viniyoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pre-natal, Postnatal, Mommy and Me and more. In each of the yoga styles, the student experiences a full spectrum class with fine-tuned verbal instructions, knowledgeable and therapeutic adjustments, as well as poetic insight into the yogic tradition and yoga in the day to day. The studio caters to all levels of practitioners, from those just beginning to those deepening an advanced practice.


Teacher Training at Om Time University

An evolutionary education in the art and science of yoga and the yoga minded lifestyle.  Whether or not you ever intend on teaching yoga professionally or simply wish to explore a deepened relationship with your practice in a supportive and expansive community, om time University offers a vast array of programs and “degrees of attention” to meet you in your interests, heart, mind, and body!

Leveraging the education provided by our nationally regarded and well-respected faculty, you will be able to inspire yourself and others on a path of wellness, sustainability and radical self-empowerment.

We believe that the path of teaching yoga falls at the dancing midline between science and art.  Therefore, the practice and the offerings of yoga are constantly evolving and one’s education is never complete, but is instead invited into ever deepening layers and levels of study and communication.

Our programs offer Immersions into an embodied yogic path to advanced degrees of inspiration and attention.

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Upcoming Events/Workshops

April 3rd

Fire and Flow Solar Meditation with Shiva Rea

May 7th

Mother’s Day Celebration with Shannon Paige Schneider

May 15th

Mindful Movement with Cynthia Lynn Williams

May 29th

Bhava Vinyasa workshop with Shannon Paige Schneider

July 4th

Fire Cracker Flow - An Interdependence DAY Celebration with Gina Caputo

September 3rd

Mtrika to Mudra with Kenny Graham


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