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Old Navy "Formula Powered" Onesie: Anti-Breastfeeding?

| by Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog

I'm a little late in posting about this, but here it is: Old Navy is selling (though it doesn't seem to be on their website now) a onesie which says "formula powered," with an image of a bottle.

Is this wrong? To answer that, I think it's important to divide the question.

Question One: Is a mother wrong for buying and dressing her baby in this onesie? No. If we're serious about respecting all mothers' feeding decisions (whether by choice or necessity), then we should respect a mother's choice to announce her decision, too. After all, we wear t-shirts that broadcast our decision to breastfeed, and wouldn't tolerate being told that this is wrong.

Question Two:  Is it wrong for Old Navy to create and sell this onesie? Yes. These shirts promote formula feeding, and also reinforce the notion that formula feeding is the norm. Creating - and profiting from - a product which promotes a means of feeding which is associated with negative health outcomes is irresponsible on the part of this company. 

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