Man Proposes During Tour in Los Angeles Times Newsroom (Video)


During a tour of the Los Angeles Times newsroom on Friday, an unidentified man proposed to his girlfriend.

The couple was taking a tour of the newspaper when the man got down on one knee and proposed, which was captured on video (below) by a Los Angeles Times staffer and posted on Vine.

Los Angeles Times reporter Laura Nelson told Poynter.org that no one at the newspaper knew the couple.

“They’re just two people who really love their local paper,” said Nelson.

Darrell Kunitomi, of the Los Angeles Times, said he was contacted a month ago by the groom: “He said he wanted to propose at The Times. I was struck by his originality.”

According to Mediaite.com, the man told Kunitomi that “his girlfriend is a writer and editor, and… the newsroom wouldn’t just be suitable, but unique.”

Sources: Mediaite.com and Poynter.org


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