NFL: Bengals Chad OchoCinco Runs His Mouth About Brown, Lewis

| by Off The Record

Despite there being a lockout, things in the NFL are actually quite normal. How do we know? Because the Cincinnati Bengals are still a hot mess.

You’ve got the quarterback saying that he’ll retire before he’ll play for them again. And their “star” wide receiver Chad OchoCinco is calling out the head coach and owner. Mike Brown made a comment a while ago about wanting football players, not bull riders and alligator wrestlers.

“Mr. Brown, it’s a lockout,” Ochocinco told the radio show “2 Live Stews.” “Therefore I can do whatever I please.”

Chad then went on to say that if Marvin Lewis was going to side with Brown, then Ocho would have to “whoop his ass.”

“Hopefully Marvin is doing this maybe to help me out,” Ochocinco said. “Maybe he is trying to cause friction between himself and me. Maybe he doesn’t like me for real. If he doesn’t like me, well, I don’t like him either. Maybe he’s doing this to help the situation out. Maybe he’s trying to do this to show Mike Brown I don’t think I can coincide with Chad, but dammit I can’t coincide with him either, and if he really feels that way when I see him I’m going to whoop his ass.”

We think he’s joking…sort of.

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