New York Yoga & Raw Food Expo June 10th – 12th | Spotlight on Helena Zera/Vyana Yoga

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The New York Yoga & Raw Food Expo is going down next weekend at the Hotel New Yorker in NYC!

Helena Zera, founder of Vyana Yoga, will be teaching three awesome classes and demonstrating her incredible Hasta Pada Yoga Belt – more workshop details below:

Prop Culture ™ Lila in the Loop | Find the Poise in your Bow Pose~Dwi Padangustha Dhanurasana

Friday,  June 10th | 5pm

Access your hearts desire of expansion guided by breath, fluidity and awareness during this transformative Prana Flow ®.  In grace and gratitude we will we navigate through a progressive heart opening sequence familiarizing you with the effortless ease of HastaPada Yoga Belt ~ HPYB.

Delve into the sweetness and stability of this sattvic backbend as you free your heart in spontaneous love, freedom and truth.

*HPYB ~ provided for each student in the class as an instructional tool

Prop Culture ™ Lila in the Loop | Awaken your Divine Dancer- Natarajasana ~ Find the Poise in your Pose

Saturday, June 11th | 10am

Helena will be your Vinyasa Space Weaver for Natarajasana ~ Dancers Pose guided by breath, fluidity, awareness and the artful placement of your body in a sacred way during this transformative sadhana. Using Prana Flow ® and the HastaPada Yoga Belt ~ HPYB~ you will be led through the evolutionary tapestry of  weaving your practice in grace and gratitude with abdominal cultivation, multi layered shoulder, hip, quadriecep and heart opening sequences to familiarize you with the flow, kramas (stages) and efficiency of the HPYB.

Delve  into the sweetness and stability of finding the Poise in each Pose  as you move into the dance of Yoga.

*HPYB will be provided for  each student in the  class as  an instructional tool.

Prop Culture ™ Lila in the Loop | Spread your Wings ~ Land your Asana in Pigeon Pose/ Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana

Sunday, June 12th | 11am

Meandering our way through PranaFlow® (Shiva Rea) and the evolutionary HastaPada Yoga Belt ~ HPYB ~ Helena will guide you during a playful yoga session to revolutionize your sadhana in joy, grace and the sacred art of movement.  Let your practice take flight, discover your inner quest to flutter then release your shoulder “wings”, illuminate your hearts reawakening to soar in fullness and bountiful gratitude. Pranify your Pigeon Pose as an organic expression of your hearts wondrous nature. Discover the “Loophole” in your asana with the HPYB.

*HPYB will be provided for each student in the class as an instructional tool.

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