Scan this, TSA! New Underwear Blocks Privates

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

Much has been made of the new airport screening machines that take a virtual naked picture of travelers. Well, a Colorado man has come with an invention that he says protects passengers' privacy where they need it the most.

Jeff Buske created a line of underwear -- and inserts -- that purports to keep your private parts private. A well-placed fig-leaf made out of a special metal would keep the prying eyes of the TSA from seeing you completely nude.

"The object protect the public, educate people and ultimately see these X-ray machines put in the Dumpster," Buske told CBS4 Denver.

Buske said there is no way anyone could hide a weapon behind the shield. "If someone is trying to hide something large under the thing, it's going to show up as a bulge, visible to the eye," Buske said.

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The underpants, bras and inserts are being marketed under the name Rocky Top Gear. In addition to the fig leaf, designs include a pair of women's hands modestly clasped together and inserts shaped like shields and stop signs.

Buske, an engineer, priced his items very cleverly. Men's underwear costs $19.84, a bra insert is $9.11 and women's panties costs $17.76.