Video: Larry Gasper Uses Grandkids' Piggy Banks, Donations to Pay $14K Property Tax Bill


Larry Gasper recently rolled a wheelbarrow full of coins and dollar bills into his Redding, California bank to pay his hefty $14,000 property tax bill (video below).

Gasper hit hard financial times, so his friends and family chipped in to help get him out of debt, reports ABC 57 News.

Gasper told ABC 57 News: "I had to borrow some money. I've missed a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes for this piece of property. My grandkids' piggy banks, my daughters' piggy banks, my money, my change and a lot of people have offered to help a bit."

Gasper rolled all the money himself before packing the $14,000 in the back of his car and driving to the bank, where tellers had to count the mountains of change.


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