Republican’s Attack on Postal Union Succeeds, Overnight Delivery to End

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As layoff notices are being sent out to 5000 U.S. Post Office workers, Republicans are running a victory lap. Through Congressional machinations, they have beat back the postal union and they are proud. This pre-election victory demonstrates to America that Republicans will stand by their convictions.

It does not matter to the Republicans that the first victim of the layoffs will be a fifth of all
households, which will no longer get overnight delivery. After all, the unions are the enemy and most be eliminated.

For Congressman Darrel Izza (R-CA), who leads the nationwide union-busting attack, this is
just a preliminary scrimmage. He hopes to make it illegal for unions to contribute to political
campaigns. At the same time, his homepage at the House of Representatives features a huge button, which like-minded, union-busting constituents can click on in order to contribute to Izza’s reelection.

Izza is not alone in this union-busting foray, and his objective is the same as House Budget
Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R/WIS). While Ryan insists on privatizing Medicare and Social
Security, Izza wants to privatize the Post Office.

For both men, the privatization of government functions is seen as the be-all, end-all that will save the American economy from another Great Recession. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney backs them wholehearted in this endeavor.

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