Army Medic Kevin Clark Dies in Afghanistan While Skyping with Wife

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Another tragedy struck the armed forces in Afghanistan this week as a popular medical officer collapsed in his tent while video chatting with his wife back home via Skype.

Captain Bruce Kevin Clark was a Texas-based U.S. Army medic from upstate New York. A spokesman at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center told the Daily Mail that Captain Clark passed away after the collapse and that his death was suspected to be from natural causes and not combat related injuries or suicide.

Clark was apparently enjoying a normal web chat with his wife in El Paso, Texas, when “Bruce’s wife tragically witnessed her husband’s death. At the time of the incident, the family was hoping for a rescue and miracle, but later learned that it was not to be. Although the circumstances were unimaginable, Bruce’s wife and extended family will be forever thankful that he and his wife were together in his last moments.” That quote comes from a statement released by Bruce's family in New York.

According the Army Medical Center in El Paso, Clark was deployed to Afghanistan in March. He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters, aged nine and three.

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