Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Cut Myself Some Friggin’ Slack

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Happy Monday Everyone!

Check out the 3rd installation of my Monday Morning Mantra Series. The MMM is meant to help you set an intention for the week, and to help you start every week off with a smile.


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I Will Cut Myself Some Friggin’ Slack

I woke up yesterday morning at 7am. It was Sunday. My body begged me to go back to sleep but the sun was streaming through my window and I felt like I should at least wake up and let it warm my skin.  It’s winter in New York and any amount of sunlight makes me that much more pleasant to be around.

After about an hour of indoor sunbathing, writing in my journal and drinking hot tea, my thoughts started to come in.  I should probably get up and go to the gym. I had to go grocery shopping. I need to go through my closet again and donate some old clothes. My sock drawer is a MESS. My budget needs to be updated over at Mint dot com. It’s my one day off this week and I should make the most of it.

But you know what? I didn’t want to. I wanted to lounge in my pajamas, rolling around in the warm sunlight and writing letters to myself in my journal. I wanted to read some of the new book that I bought. I wanted to do a face mask. I did not want to work out, go grocery shopping, battle my wardrobe, or perform any sort of errands.

So I didn’t. You Know Why?

Have you guys ever noticed how there are those people in our lives who seem to be able to work a demanding job, volunteer at the soup kitchen, outline a strategic plan to solve world peace, and still maintain a fresh cut, color, and style? The ones who laugh all demurely when you ask them “When do you sleep?!” but in reality, actually don’t ever sleep.  Well, I’m one of them. I push myself hard to fill my life with fun and exciting things. I go to the Museum of Natural History to listen to a lecture on brain function. I travel once every six weeks or so. I blog and run and do yoga and write copy for non-profit organizations.

But sometimes I need a break. And, I need to stop feeling bad about needing a break and start reveling in the fact that I’ve worked my body and mind so hard that they need some time to recover. Sure, it may be at the expense of my laundry not getting done or my meals for the week not getting prepped.  But the absolute sense of sanity and calm and laughter that happened today as I was lounging around in my cozy bed is well worth avoiding the grumbling I would have done had I forced myself to run around doing errands.

This week, I’m going to start cutting myself slack for not being “on” all the time. For recognizing my body’s need to relax and rest. I refuse to worry that I’m missing out on all the fun stuff by sitting in my room reading the newspaper. The world will be there tomorrow. My sanity and smiling face may not be unless I cut myself some slack every now and then.

Sometimes, I get jealous when I hear of other people doing extraordinary things with their lives.  People have hit a level in their career or personal lives that I want to achieve. I see a female Ironman and I think “well maybe I shouldn’t eat this cookie and instead start in on my triathlon training.”  But the truth is, I do some pretty awesome things. I call my mother and have really emotional conversations; I spent my Saturday in a restaurant kitchen, learning how to cater for 70 people; I went to Pilates and ran five miles afterwards. And that was all just this weekend. Some people probably looked at that and think it’s pretty dang productive. But to me, I’m always looking ahead to the next big challenge. I need to stop and just see all of the things that I’ve already done.

So no more  shoulda, woulda, couldas. Only slack cutting and feeling proud of every moment that I am alive and positively contributing.

What do you guys do when your To Do List overwhelms you? How do you cope with life burnout?

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