Mom Tricks Friend Into Thinking Her 16-Month-Old Daughter Was Arrested For Stealing Candy

| by Emily Smith
Madison in back of cop car Madison in back of cop car

U.K. mom Lauren Clarke said she can’t believe how quickly her photo went viral after she sent a fake picture of her 16-month-old daughter getting arrested for stealing.

Clarke, 22, sent a picture of her daughter Madison via text message to her friend Vikki Summerfield, Manchester Evening News reports. The photo showed Madison in the back seat of a police car, and Clarke tricked Summerfield into thinking Madison had been arrested for stealing chocolate after getting caught on CCTV footage.

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Clarke explained to her friend that Madison had been arrested and taken in for questioning.

“How can they arrest a f***ing baby!!!” Summerfield replied.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

Amused by her friend, Clarke uploaded the photo and response to the Whatsapp conversation on Facebook. It was reportedly shared over 9,000 times as of Jan. 14.

“It was just a joke,” Clarke told M.E.N. “What happened was my mum and dad picked us up on [Jan. 10] and as we were driving down Moss Lane in Timperley the car broke down and started to smoke … A police car that was passing stopped and pulled over to try and help my dad push the car out of the road and offered to take us home.”

Clarke then placed Madison’s car seat in the police car and snapped a photo.

Summerfield later explained that the picture was very believable and she initially felt bad for Madison. Summerfield added that some people have called her “daft,” but she argued that she can take a joke.

Here is Clarke and Summerfield's conversation in full, courtesy of M.E.N.:

Sources: Manchester Evening News, The Sun / Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News