Family Shocked To See Sex Toy Vending Machine (Photos)

| by Zara Zhi

A British family in Spain was shocked when they found vending machines selling sex toys.

Stuart and Debbie Norris from Sidcup, Kent, U.K., were vacationing in Costa Brava with their two young daughters, 15 and 9, when they saw a row of machines in the seaside resort of L'Estartit.

But upon closer inspection, the vending machines sold more than just snacks and drinks -- they also sold sex toys, according to Daily Mail.

The Mirror reports that products offered included vibrators, condoms, and lubricants -- one of which is labeled “squirting banana.”

The Norris' shielded their children’s eyes from the inappropriate items in the machine.

“Well it is quite shocking, we had to hide the girls' eyes when we realized what is was,” said Stuart, 45, a builder.

“It’s right on the main street so anyone can go over to it. It’s next to another machine selling snacks.

“We'd only gone over to get a Wagon Wheel.”

Another parent, mother-of-four Louise Freeman, was also stunned at the find. “It is not the sort of thing you expect to see in a family resort.”

Furthermore, the sex toys were not the worst part. There is also a “mechero soplete,” which is a sort of torch lighter, and a “trituradora metalica grinder and pipa,” which paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana.

The Costa Brava is a popular destination for British tourists flocking to Spain. The Brits are attracted to its pristine beaches, warm weather and close proximity to Barcelona.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Ferrari Press via Mirror

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