Rapper Missy Elliot Has Graves' Disease

| by Stupid Celebrities

Talented rapper Missy Elliot has been laying low the past several years, revealing that she’s been struggling with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disease.

Missy has the autoimmune disorder which causes an overactive thyroid gland.  The singer was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2008.

“I was [driving and] trying to put my foot on the brake, but my leg was jumping,” she recalled. “I couldn’t keep the brake down and almost crashed. I couldn’t write because my nervous system was so bad — I couldn’t even use a pen.”

Graves Disease also causes mood swings and hair loss.

There is no cure for this condition but it can be maintained.

“I’m 30 pounds lighter because I’ve been exercising,” Missy said. “My thyroid is functioning, so I haven’t had to take medication in about nine months. [But] you live with it for the rest of your life.”

Here’s the awesome Missy Elliott in “Work It”:


Missy isn’t letting her health issues keep her down and is going to release a comeback album with Timbaland.

Elliot will be featured on VH1′s Behind the Music’s season premiere on June 29th.