More Confirmation That Eagles Want Plaxico Burress

| by Off The Record

A couple weeks ago, when numerous media outlets were reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in WR Plaxico Burress following his release from prison, beat writer Jeff McLane came out and said that all those reports were coming from Burress’ camp. He said they were the ones planting these seeds in the media and that it wasn’t coming from the team.

Now, McLane is changing his tune.

“Re: Plaxico Burress and the #Eagles. Spoke to several team sources and there’s certainly interest there. …,” he tweeted.

That’s a little odd because this came from his Twitter account on June 3rd:

“One more thing on Plaxico. All this talk about the #Eagles being interested is coming from Plax’s people, not the #Eagles. Trust me on this.”

Trust you on this? Okay fine, but now what? You told us that all of this talk was coming from Plaxico’s people and not the Eagles. Now all those writers that reported mutual interest don’t look so off, do they? I think someone has been giving McLane bad information. And if that’s the case, maybe he should tone down the “trust me I know for sure what I’m talking about” rhetoric.

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