Mariah Carey Pregnant With Baby Boy?

| by Oh The Scandal

Here we go again: Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are reportedly expecting a baby boy.

I know, there’s a letter ‘y’ in the day of the week, so it must be time for a “Carey’s with child” rumour.

This particular report arrives courtesy of those broody folk over at HollyBaby.

“She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious,” the ‘insider’ tells the website. “But she’s going to appear on Oprah and The View, so she’s planning on making the announcement soon.”

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Carey will reportedly make an announcement within the next couple of weeks as she promotes her new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You.

Meanwhile, sources tell PopEater that the diva is indeed pregnant”.

Telling you, at this rate she’ll pull a J-Lo and announce her pregnancy once she’s in the delivery room – lined with Hello Kitty wallpaper, and furnished with glitter cannons, butterflies, a floating lily pad and kittens, naturally.