Man Turns Violent: Was Buying Drinks for Drag Queens

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Ya know..nothing makes me lose it..then when horny drunk rednecks have gender identifying issues..take the case of this guy...Josue Hernandez..

Prisilla Queen of the Bar...


On Saturday, 27-year-old Josue Hernandez of Immokalee, Florida was at a bar and spent the entire night buying drinks for a group of LARGE LADIES. These ladies were tall, broad-shouldered, built and had lots of heavy makeup.

After Josue spent the whole night talking to them and spending money on them, he finally got clued in on their not-so-secret secret. These aint no ladies bro!

According to deputies, he then became pissd, irate, breaking bottles, starting fights with other customers and causing a disturbance. ( Terrible to be the "BUTT" of ridicule)

A large, fixed-blade, hunting-type knife was discovered in Hernandez’s waistband.The knife, which had a wooden handle and a 6-inch blade, was hidden under his shirt, according to reports.

The knife is the kind “normally used for the skinning and gutting of deer and other large animals and was in no way a common pocket knife based on its blade length and design,” deputies said. Fortunately, it was not used.

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