Leeann Carey Yoga Daily Tip: Savasana | Are You Relaxation Challenged?

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Who doesn’t love Savasana (Corpse Pose or “Final Relaxation)? Guess What? Some people don’t…

Sometimes it’s because the mind is process and evaluating the practice, or out of nowhere emotions start to bubble to the surface. Or perhaps you are uncomfortable in your body. Teaching Savasana is just as important, if not more, than the rest of the asaans. The way our body relaxes into its Savasana shape can tell us a lot about our challenges in other poses.

Check out the photo I’ve attached of students I had the privilege of working with at the Texas Yoga conference. You will see one foot turned out way more than the other, a chin pushed forward and up and one pushed in and down, and elevated shoulders. It takes some exploration to determine whether form has developed our function or function has developed our form. Becoming aware of our holding patterns in stillness is just as important as observing them in movement, and a pointer to what kind a support might be necessary to bringing more balance overall to our body/mind.

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