Law & Order's Abortion Episode - Is Pro-Life the New Gay?

| by Jill Stanek

Unable to watch Friday night's "ripped from the headlines" Law & Order episode about the murder of an abortionist in church, I thought I'd view it on the Internet tonight.

Unfortunately, I found NBC does not air full episodes of L&O. I'll have to see if past shows are available on cable t.v.

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It turns out President Trump's budget has $2 trillion error in it:

Meanwhile, pro-life reviews have been favorable, including comments on the post I wrote giving a heads up on the episode. Here's a sample why, a longer clip made available by NBC, where a post-birth partial birth abortion (yes, that's right) is detailed:

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It turns out President Trump's budget has $2 trillion error in it:

Comments from the L&O site:

  • "This episode was one of the most- probably THE most-
    moving TV I've ever seen. I don't feel you can justify the Dr's.
    murder, you certainly can understand the emotions. I wish NBC would show FULL shows - not just highlights. I'd love to have the rest of my family."
  • "'Dignity' was the most powerful episode you have done. I
    am used to seeing pro-lifers marginalized and dismissed as narrow
    minded religious zealots. This was one of the most fair-minded and
    even-handed presentations of this critical and persistent legal and
    moral issue."
  • "Congratulations, NBC. This was a
    great, thought-provoking episode. Anybody who watched this show
    experienced new ideas and feelings about abortions, and specifically,
    late term abortions. The scene that moved me the most was Detective Bernard's
    statement about how his mother tried to terminate her pregnancy. Her
    actions, like abortion, would have robbed him of his life, a life of a
    good man & police officer. The answer is that there is no easy
    answer. Thanks L&O, we have lots to think about!"
  • Pro-abort reviews most interested me. Did NBC throw them bones, too, as I expected? Apparently not so much. Wrote Kate Harding at the liberal rag Salon...

    On Friday night's Law & Order,
    the abortion debate was represented by 2 separate, yet equally
    important, groups: The anti-choicers, who believe fetuses' rights trump
    women's, and the pseudo-pro-choicers, who are conveniently persuaded to
    agree with them by the end of the episode.

    That sound? It's my head exploding.

    Kind of like a late-term baby being aborted, Kate? Not quite. Read
    Kate's review for descriptions of more surprising pro-life apologetics
    in the show, even on minor rape:

    What's up? In a town bent on stirring controversy, does Hollywood now think the pro-life view is in, hot - the new gay?

    Or perhaps NBC is trying to recoup lost mainstream viewers?

    Or most likely, since L&O's previous 2 episodes dealing with abortion slanted way left, this was its attempt at balance?

    Whatever, I'll take it.