Kanye West Joins Twitter, See What Happens

| by RefinedHype

By Danielle Harling

A little over a week after we ran our “5 Worst Celebrities To Follow On Twitter” and low and behold guess what celebrity decides to join Twitter? None other than former mullet-wearing, model-dating rapper Kanye West.

Following visits to the offices of both Facebook and Twitter, West finally chose to sign-up for a Twitter account. While most of his Tweets have left us wondering “Is this guy serious?” he has provided us with a few chuckles here and there. We of course had to give our thoughts on Kanye’s most bizarre, hilarious, and far from humble Tweets.

How dare they forget the Cherub imagery?! Everyone and their mama’s know that rappers can’t live without their Persian rugs with Cherub imagery. It’s like the Hennessy of rugs!

If Kanye’s new album includes flute players “snapping” on various tracks then I am SO through.

It’s only a matter of time before Kanye finds this “trouble.” Anyone up for placing bets on how long it takes for Kanye to delete his account? I give him a month and a half. 

This guy wouldn’t know humble if it slapped him in the face with a limited-edition copy of "The College Dropout". 

Hello ladies, look at Kanye. Now look at your man. Now look at Kanye. Is it just me or does Kanye kind of remind you of the Old Spice guy, especially with Tweets like this. 

The magic? Really Kanye?! We really hope your waiter gave you quite the epic *Kanye Shrug” when you explained to him or her the difference between medium and medium-well salmon. 

Of all the things to show hatred towards Kanye would of course choose laptop stickers.